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The result of decades of research and development.
OAE1 signature
The outstanding acoustic concept establishes unprecedented benchmarks in the realm of audiophile listening.

The OAE1 has extremely low tolerances for frequency response, left-right deviation, and distortion.​

The materials used and the simple yet beautiful design of the OAE1 signature are combined to create a distinct experience.
Our innovations make the OAE1 unique.
Why? The sound waves of a tone hit every ear differently. Just as one fingerprint is different from another, so is one person's hearing different from another. With "glaring" technology, everyone hears the sound with their ear geometry - exactly as if they were hearing it without headphones.

The result is a superior listening experience for everyone.
Precise mechanics and components made of high-quality fabrics, plastics, aluminum and stainless steel characterize the new product from grell. A multitude of acoustically transparent fabrics span a filigree frame and ensure a natural sound experience.
Simple and ingenious: The special geometry of the baffles in combination with the acoustically permeable damper is patent pending and takes into account the uniqueness of the individual ear geometry, making audiophile music enjoyment possible for everyone!

Natural, individual sound field shaping due to front-mounted transducers

Extremely open design avoids resonances

Broadband transducers with bio-cellulose diaphragm

Ergonomic fit

Precise stainless steel damping mesh

Easily replaceable wearing parts

Extremely low tolerances for frequency response, left-right deviation and distortion

Silver-plated OFC copper cable

Choice of single or double-sided cable feeds

Double sided cable, adapter and single sided balanced cable and TRRRS plug included
Technical Data

Frequency response:
16 - 31,000 Hz (-3 dB), 08 - 42,000 Hz (-10 dB)

Transducer principle:

Ear coupling:
Sound characteristic:
front oriented loudness diffuse field equalization

Adaption to the individual hearing curve:
soundfield - pinna interaction

Nominal impedance:
38 Ω

Sound pressure level:
106 dB at 1 kHz 1 VRMS

Maximum long-term input power according to IEC 60268-7:
500 mW

THD at 1 kHz 100 dB:
0.05 %

Weight without cable:
approx. 270 g

Headband clamping force:
3.5 N

Cable I:
double sided, silver claded: OFC cable, 1.8 m (6 ft)

Connectors headphone side:
2.5 mm TRRS plugs

Connector to a device:
3.5 mm (1/8“) stereo plug

1/8“ (3.5 mm) -> 1/4“ (6.3 mm) screw on

Cable II:
single sided, silver claded OFC cable, 1.8 m (6 ft)

Connector headphone side:
2.5 mm TRRS plug

Connector to a device:
4.4 mm balanced TRRRS stereo plug
Axel grell
Axel Grell, renowned headphone engineer and consultant:
You will forget about the OAE1 when listening to your music. What remains is an incomparable musical pleasure. With this in mind, I wish you many enjoyable hours with your OAE1.

The OAE1 signature is the latest result of my decades of work on improving the listening experience with headphones. The completely new acoustic design is embedded in an ergonomic timeless product design.
It is made from selected high-quality materials in a manufacturing process of the highest qualitative level.
Currently the TWS/1 is not available. For more information about the product click the buttons below.
grell TWS 1
TWS1 Press Reviews
„Compliments to Mr. Grell! He made a fantastic debut with the TWS/1. The sound is world class, you can't do much better.“
CONNECT (3/2022) Christian Möller


Working with the app went smoothly. The touch controls worked fine. At the price, the TWS/1 is a blast!


„Axel Grell Creates Some Of The Best Wireless Earphones You'll Ever Hear.“
FORBES (1/2022) Mark Sparrow


„... the TWS/1 surpasses many in-ears that are at least a hundred euros more expensive in terms of sound and ANC quality.“
C'T (issue/22 2021) Hartmut Gieselmann


„...the Grell Audio TWS/01 revealed such a balance and joy of playing ...“
STEREO GUIDE (4/2022) Stefan Schickedanz


In the listening test, the Grell Audio TWS/01 revealed such a balance and joy of playing paired with a rich, clean bass that sometimes the feet moved rhythmically under the table. With every note you could feel the extraordinary talent and experience of the former Sennheiser developer. With the first headphone under his own direction, he delivered a solid performance in every respect. Outstanding is not only the exemplary tonal tuning. However, the feeling of the highest level of naturalness was by no means based solely on the timbres, which also predestined the TWS/1 for classical music and jazz with natural instruments and complex vocals. The combination of transparency and high level of detail also contributed to the extremely appealing listening experience. We also liked the spacious sound reproduction for in-ear conditions. The comfortable fit also contributed to the fact that you could listen to the grell for a long time without getting tired. ...A rock-solid true wireless in-ear with active noise cancelling, individual sound tuning via the Sonarworks app and a very long battery life for 200 euros from a German manufacturer - you don't get that every day.
STEREO GUIDE (4/2022) Stefan Schickedanz


„Best-in-class sound without an overbearing price.“
SOUNDGUYS (6/2022) Chase Bernath


Axel Grell is a legend in the personal audio space, having crafted some of the highest quality headsets in the world. … If there's one thing former chief headphone engineer of Sennheiser Axel Grell knows, it's how to create a great-sounding headset.
SoundID logo
The TWS/1 is deeply connected with the SoundID app from Sonarworks - the specialist for consistently good sound in recording studios. It enables the TWS/1 to adapt to the acoustics of the listener´s individual ear geometry. The individual settings made with the SoundID app remain in the TWS/1 until they are changed or switched off, so the user enjoys personalized sound with any Bluetooth source! And the app offers the possibility to install new firmware. SoundID is available for iOS and Android.
Watch the video on YouTube
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The SoundID app can be accessed via Google Play and Apple Store. This link also provides more information:
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