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Your hearing is as individual as your fingerprint.
Everyone perceives sound differently. Your ear is not like a measuring microphone. Therefore, we study how sound is perceived and what factors influence that perception.

We continuously work on better transducers and new acoustic concepts, using new materials and manufacturing processes.

Our technology aims to provide you with the ultimate audio experience.
The frequency response at each person's eardrum is unique. This is due to the diffraction and reflection of sound from the body, the head, and especially the individual ear. However, the closer the source comes to the eardrum, the less impact these natural diffractions and reflections have.

We have used SoundID from Sonarworks in the TWS/1. This allows us to take "individual listening" into account.
Currently we are actively researching how to take advantage of the natural geometry of the ear.

"Individual Listening" makes the best possible sound experience a reality for everyone.
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